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About Judi


Paverpol became my creative distraction throughout the pandemic and after the loss of my husband in 2021. I was first introduced to it many years ago when I saw a sculpture in someone’s flower garden. Although I admired it, I had not thought of making one myself. Fast forward to 2019, I saw a piece my sister had created and thought, now that I am retired and have some extra time, I would give this a try. I ordered a bucket of Paverpol, researched some YouTube videos and went to town. I fell in love with the product and the pieces I was creating. I then found our local distributor, Loretta Metzger of  I quickly discovered there was so much more I could do! YouTube did not provide all that I needed to know so I took some classes and very soon I discovered that I was hooked.  I knew I wanted to share my love of this art form and became a Certified Paverpol Instructor in May 2022.Here at Paverpoling with Judi, I will help you create beautiful garden sculptures that will be enjoyed in your gardens and the gardens of family and friends for years to come.​


Thanks Mom, for giving me my first box of crayons and instilling creativity in my life by sharing your own. 

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